Alexandria Minerals has assembled a portfolio of high-potential mineral exploration properties within the well-known, world-class mining districts of Val d’Or, Quebec, Red lake, Ontario, and Flin Flon-Snow Lake, Manitoba. The Company’s focus has been its 35 kilometer-long Cadillac Break Property Package in Val d’Or, Quebec, on which it has been conducting diligent and continuous exploration activities since 2007, successfully discovering resources over 2 million ounces of gold at a cost of under $18/ounce of gold discovered.

Although Alexandria has a wide geographical distribution of properties, it maintains its focus in Val d’Or by partnering with other companies on properties, companies that will provide added value through excellent work. To that end, in 2016, Alexandria has been quite busy: it has completed Option/Joint Venture on three of its projects (in Matachewan, Ontario; Chibougamau, Quebec; and eastern Val d’Or). This enables us to continue to focus on the western Cadillac Break Properties, where we are building new gold resources through drilling and solid geological thought.

Alexandria’s properties reflect its business model: they are located in areas with potential for multimillion ounce gold discoveries (our goal), while the infrastructure-rich areas allow for capitalization on the smaller discoveries en route to the big discoveries.

Gold deposits in belts such as the Abitibi are typically located near, or controlled by, major fault zones, which act as conduits for gold-bearing solutions to travel along, ultimately forming deposits in nearby locations. Our properties are well located along such structures, such as the Cadillac Break in Val d’Or, which has seen some 100 million ounces of gold produced along its length. Our value-added exploration activities continue to prove up more gold in a well-endowed gold belt.