Mishibishu Property



Wawa Area
Ontario 42C03

1.824 Ha.

114 claims

100% Murgor
Ongoing acquisition by Alexandria Minerals Corp.

mishibishuFigure 1: Location of the Mishibishu Property

Property location and description:

The Mishibishu property is located 50 kilometers of Wawa Township, Ontario, and 9 kilometers north of the shore of Lake Superior. The Hemlo Gold Camp is located 80 kilometers NW of the property (Figure 1). The center of the property is approximately at 48°02’N and 85°28’W, NTS 32 C/03. The property consists of one hundred fourteen (114) claims, covering 1.824 hectares.

Economic geology:

The Property is located in the Archean Mishibishu Greenstone Belt, which is part of the Wawa sub-province of the Superior Structural Province.

The Property is underlain by mafic volcanic rocks and clastic sedimentary rocks bounded to the east and west by large intrusive bodies of tonalitic composition. All rocks have been metamorphised to the lower greenschist facies. The rocks trend generally is east-west with moderate to steep northerly dips. In the western part of the property, the trend of the units turns to a NW-SE trend with NE dips.

The Mishibishu Property covers a strike length of 10 kilometers of the Mishi Creek Deformation Zone and a strike length of 3 kilometers of the Rook Lake Deformation Zone. Both deformation zones are EW to NW trending, steeply dipping north and locally exceeding 1 kilometer in width. Both shear zones have localized extensive shear-vein systems and high grade gold mineralization in a geological setting that is remarkably similar to the known gold deposits in the area. Those deposits are owned by River Gold Inc. (Figure 2):

► The producing Eagle River Gold Mine (2.9 Mt grading 8.84 g/t Au), located 6 kilometers to the south,
► The producing Mishi open pit (1.2 Mt grading 4.8 g/t Au), located 12 kilometers to the north,
► The past producing Magnacon Mine (1.5 Mt grading 6.9 g/t Au), also the site of the operating Eagle River Mill, located 12 kilometers to the north.

Previous work:

Work description

Falconbridge Nickel Mines Ltd.

  • Airborn geophysical survey (Mag-EM)

Asarco Exploration Company of Canada

  • Drilling: 4 holes (300 m)

Noranda Exploration Company Ltd.

  • Ground geophysical survey (Mag-EM)

Amoco Canada Petroleum

  • Geological mapping
  • Drilling: 4 holes (380 m)

Dominion Explorers Inc.

  • Airborn geophysical survey (Mag-EM)
  • Ground geophysics (Mag-EM)
  • Geological mapping
  • Geochemical sampling
  • Soil geochemical survey
  • Drilling: 4 holes (272 m)

Noranda Exploration Company Ltd.

  • Geological mapping
  • Geophysical surveys (IP-Mag-VLF-EM)
  • Soil geochemical surveys
  • Stripping and prospecting
  • Drilling: 21 holes (2208 m)
  • Discovery of numerous new gold occurrences on the Marten Zone


  • Line-cutting
  • Ground geophysics (IP-Mag-EM)
  • Stripping, sampling and prospecting
  • Compilation work
  • Drilling: 14 holes (1496 m)
  • Channel sampling:
  • 3.8 g/t Au over 6 m (0.11 oz/t Au over 20 ft)
  • Drilling:
  • 3.8 g/t Au over 22 m (0.11 oz/t Au over 72 ft)
  • 1.7 g/t Au over 26.5 m (0.05 oz/t Au over 87 ft)

Battle Mountain Canada Ltd.

  • Drilling: 5 holes (1923 m)
  • Geophysical surveys (IP)
  • Stripping, sampling and mapping
  • More than 50 bedrock gold occurrences grading Au >1 g/t


  • Prospecting
  • Airborn geophysical survey (Mag-VTEM)
  • 4 new gold occurrences

Significant results:

The Mishibishu property hosts numerous gold occurrences indicating a good potential for economic gold grade mineralizations, yet the property remains largely under-explored. About 30 gold showings assaying more than 1.0 g/t Au have been located on the property by previous workers, and include:

► The Marten Zone, located in the center of the property, where drilling and trenching uncovered significant gold mineralization over a strike length of 300m (a drill hole intercepted up to 5 g/t Au over 7.4 m).

► The Dorset Zone, which sits immediately to the north of the property and locally straddles the property boundary over a strike length of 2 kilometers, where drill results included 3.7 g/t Au over a true width of 21.5 m, 3 g/t Au over 5.9 m, and 5.2 g/t Au over 3.7 m in three different drill holes. Although the Dorset Zone generally lies just outside of the property boundaries, its east and west strike extensions lie within the property boundaries.

mishibishu1Figure 2: Regional geology map of the Mishibishu Property

mishibishu2Figure 3: Geological and compilation map of the Mishibishu Property