Gullrock Property





East of Red lake
Ontario 52K13

1,655 ha.

1 claim block
8 claims blocks with 2% NSR

100% Murgor
Ongoing acquisition by Alexandria Minerals





East of Red lake
Ontario 52K13

496 ha.

4 claims blocks
with 1.75% NSR

100% Murgor
Ongoing acquisition by Alexandria Minerals


Property location and description:      

The Gullrock Property consists of twelve mining claims covering 2,161 hectares in the Red Lake Gold Mining District of Ontario, approximately 10 kilometers SE of the town of Red Lake (Figure 1). The center of the property is approximately at 51°00’N and 93°33’W. All season gravel roads provide easy access to the property. Under two separate agreements (Gullrock and Gullrock West), Murgor is earning a 100% interest in the claims.

The Gullrock Property consists of the nine eastern claims of the property covering 1,655 hectares. Eight claims were optioned by Murgor on August 20, 2009 and 1 more was claimed without NSR on September 2014.

The Gullrock West Property consists of the four western claims of the property, covering 496 hectares. These four claims were optioned by Murgor on March 1st, 2012. Murgor’s remaining obligation to earn a 100% interest in the property consists of a $20,000 cash payment in 2015 and a $30,000 cash payment in 2016.

Economic geology:

The Gullrock Gold Property is located in the Red Lake greenstone belt which is a one of a series of Meso and Neoarchean volcanic terrains that stretch across Northwestern Ontario and Southeastern Manitoba, in the western part of the Uchi Sub-province of the Superior Province. Bedrock on the property consists mainly in mafic volcanics and granites.

The Gullrock Gold Property is contiguous to Goldcorp’s Campbell-Red Lake Property to the east and on strike with the Campbell-Red Lake Gold Mine. It covers a strike extenting over seven kilometres of what is known as the “Mine Trend” south-east of the Campbell-Red Lake Gold Mine. The “Mine Trend” is a structural lineament that hosts the Campbell-Red Lake, Cochenour-Willans and MacKenzie Gold Mines where more than 20 million ounces of gold have been mined to date (Figure 2 and Table 1). The Gullrock Property also covers the same stratigraphic units as the Campbell-Red Lake Mine, including mafic and ultramafic volcanic rocks of the prolific Balmer Assemblage, immediately north of the unconformity with the younger rocks of the Confederation Assemblage. The Balmer Assemblage hosts all the major producers of the Red Lake Belt.

gullrock1Figure 2: Magnetic Map showing the location of the Gullrock Gold Property and of the main gold mines of the area.

Table 1: Ore tonnage and grade of the main gold
mines around the Gullrock Gold Property

Ore tonnage
Ore grade


20.0 Mt

19.2 g/t

Red Lake

11.0 Mt

22.6 g/t


2.3 Mt

18.5 g/t


8.7 Mt

9.6 g/t


2.4 Mt

9.6 g/t


4.6 Mt

3.1 g/t


1.5 Mt

4.8 g/t

Strarratt Olsen

0.9 Mt

6.2 g/t


Previous work:

Work description


  • Airborne Electromag and Mag surveys
  • Mag, EM and IP surveys
  • Prospecting, line-cutting and sampling
  • Soil sampling
  • Drilling: 41 holes (4140 m)


Ansil Resources Ltd.

  • MMI soil geochemical survey


Crossroads Explorations Inc.

  • Overburden drilling:
    310 holes (1195 m)


Rupert Resources

  • Ground Mag survey
  • Drilling: 2 holes (342 m)



  • Airborne Mag and Electromag surveys
  • IP survey, line-cutting, prospecting
  • B-Horizon soil survey
  • Geophysical anomalies matching soil sampling gold anomalous values.

Gullrock potential:

The Gullrock property bears similar geology as the Campbell-Red Lake Mine setting.

► Underlain by the Balmer Formation,
► Seven kilometers of strike length of the “Mine Trend”,
► Proximal to the Confederation-Balmer unconformity,
► Presence of ultramafic rocks and Temiskaming-type sediments,
► Presence of F2 generation folds.

Despite of this very favourable geology, the property has seen very limited exploration work and its exploration potential is deemed exceptional. Past exploration has focused on the Fox Farm Ag-Pb occurrence and a late ENE structure which have no gold mineralization. The Mine Trend structure remains untested.

Recent high resolution magnetic and electromagnetic surveys combined with a complete compilation of past exploration work allowed to identified untested geophysical anomalies on the property. Those untested anomalies match with soil sampling gold anomalies and are located in the Mine Trend structures (Figure 3). These new exploration targets will be the focus of future exploration programs.

gullrock2Figure 3: Major structures and anomalies on the Gullrock Gold Property